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Your team can’t be expected to do things the way you want them to unless you define your needs. Detailing the ways you want cash receipts handled ensures you have policies in place that your cashiers, your back office, and anyone who handles cash can refer to. Procedures also make it easier to train your staff and ensure that everyone uses the same steps for accepting and securing cash. If you accept cash payments, the absolute best thing you can do for your business is to follow consistent cash handling policies and procedures. When you have an efficient cash handling system in place, you will always know where your revenues are, and you’ll be able to spot any troublesome trends before they can harm your business.

Business Affairs will route the check back to the bank a second time to attempt to recover the amount as written. If the check is returned to Business Affairs a second time, to record the lack of funds available for the department deposit, a JV will be processed to reverse the payment . The item will then be forwarded to the depositing department for them to pursue as they see fit. Credit card payments are completed when a batch settlement is transmitted. All credit card payments must be settled and submitted for deposit on a daily basis.

Two-person cash handling policies ensure safe handling and eliminate the temptation to steal – even if only a few dollars. What’s more, a merchant has to pay a fee for each card payment they accept. If you buy something for $1 (not that we can buy a lot of things for $1 in 2021, but there are still some), it’s definitely better for them if you pay with cash. Logically when you try to get a job in one of these places, cash handling will on the list of your working duties. Good cash handling procedures can protect the organization, the employee, and prevent fraud in the workplace. When a department receives authorization to accept cash payment for services, the department manager is responsible for adhering to this guideline and assuring all employees are properly trained.

Updates to Credit Card Payment Methods during COVID-19 Recovery

See Cash and Check Movement and Remission of Depositsfor more information. All cash amounts recorded on receipts and deposit slips must equal each other. Sometimes a unit/department receives a check and it is not immediately clear why the check has been sent. In this situation the unit should photocopy the check, and proceed to process the check for inclusion in the unit’s next deposit to a main cashiering station. Practice -In separation of duties at least two people are involved in any cash handling transaction.

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Unit supervisors and managers must ensure that all cash handlers are properly authorized to handle cash. If the refund is received prior to the original payment being recorded in Banner, account code should be or 08008. Take even small discrepancies seriously and your team will too. This approach also allows you to spot small inconsistencies and sloppy cash handling before they can become significant problems.

Cash Settlement & Account Termination Form

Without cash handling, your business could be more vulnerable from a financial standpoint. The overall process of cash handling even involves training in what to do should unanticipated circumstances take place. The exact nature of training for cash handling will vary, depending on the type of work environment involved and the amount of cash that flows through the operation on any given business day. Enter transactions into accounts receivable system, cash register or cash receipt journal/log. The manner in which this cash is handled can determine the safety of those funds – meaning a church cash handling policy is important.


There should be two, non-related people who count the weekly offering. There should be a drop slot in the safe to allow for one-way access to the safe. For instance, the person who has keys to the room that stores the safe should not be the same person who has the combination to the safe. No one wants to hire someone who potentially steals from the organization. That is why good hiring screening and a background check will help to eliminate some would-be thieves. We live in a digital age and not every business operates with cash, but many do.

Emergency Procedures for Credit Card Refunds during COVID-19 Pandemic

The starting cash will remain in a locked environment until it is needed again. Access should be limited to supervisory and authorized personnel. Cash is the most liquid asset and the most susceptible to loss if not properly controlled. Cash handling procedures are established that comply with these guidelines.

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This job aid provides step-by-step instructions for completing a PeopleSoft journal to claim credit card payments received. Receipts must be issued for cash and checks received in person. A receipt is to be issued immediately when a transaction is conducted. Employees who are adequately trained in cash handling procedures. A complete understanding of cash and check handling procedures prior to handling collections is required.

Financial Affairs

If some of the information is missing, the customer should be asked to write it on the check. The customer should be asked to provide a day time phone number. To make sure that no bills are stuck together hand to hand should be used when counting. Hold it up in front of the customer and transfer one bill at a time from one hand to another counting out loud. This will not only assure the customer of the correct change but will help keep bills from sticking together.

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https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ and its equivalent are handled by most departments and many individuals at the University. Strong internal controls are necessary to prevent mishandling of funds and to protect employees from inappropriate charges of mishandling funds. This information is intended to provide departments and individuals with the necessary information and tools to facilitate the establishment of strong internal controls related to cash handling. Monies include currency, coins, checks, credit card settlement reports, and wire transfers. All incoming monies should be acknowledged when accepted, and forwarded to the OSU Cashier’s Office for processing by using the OSU Cash Receipts Record form.

Viewing the Monthly Undistributed Cash, ACH and Wire Payments List

Safe combinations should be changed whenever a person holding the combination leaves employment. Add this step to the exit interview form so that it becomes part of the process of employees leaving employment. All employees and volunteers who handle cash should have a criminal background check.


5 ways to improve the seo of your small business internet websites must be kept locked at all times except when access by authorized personnel is needed. Never leave an unlocked safe unattended, even during business hours. Many cash in transit companies are private security companies that offer cash handling as part of their services.

It discusses who is at risk and what the risks are in the workplace. It also discusses cash handling laws and gives tips and best practices, such as using a safe, preventing theft, and more. Here, learners will also learn how to handle cash in different scenarios, such as when working alone and while driving.

These tasks are summarized in the chart on the next page which you can use for reference. Once the purpose of the payment is identified, a transfer is processed in FIS/Banner to move the payment to the correct FOAPAL. When not in use, place all cash in a designated secure location. Next we’ll discuss a special application of the Separation of Duties principle, called Dual Custody. Practice dual custody when transporting cash, counting large amounts of cash, and other risk critical actions. Include a copy of the original payment documentation as noted above.