26 Great Business Ideas to Start in 2023

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And the trend for brick-and-mortar businesses switching to online mode will surely boom in the coming years. Whether you have been running an offline business or you are planning to invest in some new venture, the right time to give your idea a real shape is -Now. Making money may seem like a challenge, especially during a recession. Still, there are businesses that will continue to thrive in spite of a troubling economy. To make this venture sustainable, launch online courses on a platform such as Teachable to continue earning money with minimum effort. You’ll need to do a lot of marketing in order to attract students, however, you could earn thousands of dollars once you’ve managed to build a reputation.

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If you want to start a business and get up and running with your first contract in no time, providing cleaning services is the best business to start. With that being said, it’s also one of the easy start-up business ideas. Parents with full-time jobs, part-time jobs, or businesses will always be on the run to make more money. However, the situation can often get tricky with kids, and this calls for childcare experts. Even during the recession, parents will still chase their career and business goals. Therefore, the need for childcare experts will always thrive despite the economic recession.

What makes for a good work-from-home small business idea?

When Matej Kukucka, founder of Marketing Player, worked for a customer service software company during the pandemic, he noticed a lot of growth. Andrew Porwol, the owner of Garden Centre Shopping, has worked in the UK gardening niche for 30 years, so he’s seen multiple economic downturns. Marketing might seem like one of the first services to go during a recession—with fewer people buying things, why would you try to market to them?

From EDHEC Business School to selling luxurious flowers to China – Study International News

From EDHEC Business School to selling luxurious flowers to China.

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However, while this sounds like something not admirable, it is actually an opportunity for some businesses to thrive. One of the best ways to survive a recession is to start a recession-proof business. However, consider investing in recession-resistant stocks consider investing in recession-resistant stocks if you’re still getting your business. You can also switch your focus to businesses as your primary clients.

Final Thoughts on Recession & Pandemic Proof Businesses

Whether the business is related to food manufacturing, distribution, delivery, or retail, there are many options in this industry for businesses that stand a chance of weathering a recession. This doesn’t always hold true for restaurants, however, as they charge a premium for service and convenience that can be out of reach for many during a recession. Even during a recession, people need comprehensive treatment and preventative health care services. Enhance the marketing tactics of your recession-proof business further today with digital marketing and enjoy the benefits of potentially reaching wider prospective clients. Some of the best online digital marketing certificate programs are readily available for you.

  • And as you can see from the examples I shared before, apps are making a killing.
  • Pet owners will always need to take their animals to the vet for annual checkups and vaccines.
  • Chasing fads and trends is only a temporary band-aid on entrepreneurs’ wounds.

As of 2022, the U.S. utilities industry market size is over $960 billion — and the global utilities market is expected to reach $8.10 trillion by 2026. The utilities industry includes electricity, water, gas, and renewable energy. Should you wait to start your business with a possible recession on the horizon? If you’re still in the market for a business or franchise, you can consider finding or starting one that’s already recession proof.

Top 10 Recession Proof Businesses

According to Doug Greene, the owner of Signature Properties, in recession proof business ideass of economic crisis, people still need three basics — food, health care, and housing. In order to choose a recession-proof business, prospective business owners should focus on these essential services. There’s no such thing as a recession-proof business, since every financial crisis is different. But certain types of businesses have traits that help them hold up in tough economic times.